5:45 final Update

Not much developed today. But there is one lean in college baskets

Tuesday NCAA BB Lean ( I do not bet these)

551 S. Utah +14

1st Half +8

No plays on Monday. My hilton pick on Seattle -4.5 was an easy winner. Bringing me to a 3-2 weekend. My record now is just under 55%. With 4 weeks left its going to be quite a task to breach the 60% level.

With 20 games left to pick…If I happen to go 20-0 I will finish at 65.5% At 15-5 it ends up at 59.5%. So I have to finish up with at least 16-4 record or 80% to get over 60%! However on the good new Hilton is paying the top 30 this year. So a record just under 60% might do the trick.

Also there is the contest for the final 3 weeks winner take all…15,000 value added contest.

So….although I am a longshot….I am not out of it yet. Before this week I was 3.5 pts out of the top 30.

Today a bit early for plays. I will update a bit later with any plays or comments.

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  • Manish

    CS Northridge is -14

  • RickJ

    i caught it about 3 min after I posted it…the lean is S. Utah +14..i made the change already on the site.

  • Bill


    Is it worth it to put a wager on Duke +29 against Fla St knowing that Fla sts star player and QB could be suspended as of tomorrow (Thursday) at 2PM? Best case (bet wise) would be he’s suspended and the line tumbles but I still have +29, worst case (bet wise) he plays and I still have a chance to cover the 29 points.

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