Not a very good weekend for football picks. going 1-3 in college football and 0-2 in the Nfl:(

The bright spot is I got off to a good start in the hilton contest with a 3-1-1 record for the first week. The last few years I have been a slow starter with a nice run in the middle of the season and a fade the last two weeks.

Also I have been getting some email both saying I should stop putting up these tracking system picks since they clutter up the site making the regular picks harder to find…and an equally number of emails thanking me for letting them follow the tracking plays with me.

Does anyone else have any strong opinions either way? If your worried about missing any regular plays the first place I send them out to is on Twitter.

Today in baseball nothing even close to a play. So we get a breather today after a busy weekend.

Twitter: rickjsportplays
Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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  • Gary

    As you stated yourself, if someone wishes to follow your plays for wagering purposes you post them first on Twitter. One vote for keeping tracking plays up.

  • Adam

    Agree with Gary. The site isn’t the first port of call for the people betting the plays – twitter is.

  • Ed V

    Absolutely agree. Please keep posting tracking plays. I, for one, do play them even though you do not. I play them small for action, not looking to get rich, but hoping they are at least better than my own plays LOL. Anyway, please keep posting the tracking plays and let everyone who is looking for other plays to follow you on Twitter!

    Keep up the great work Rick! We don’t sweat the early small downswing. We know it will turn around.

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