2:40 Update

On Monday plays went 2-2 with the NHL going 0-2 and College hoop totals going 2-0 bringing college hoops off to a fast 7-1 start!

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Bowling Green

Betting is 53% on the road dog with the line moving from -7.5 to -8. Models point to Toledo while variables slightly point to bowling green. This game is a pass. Note Betting is slightly more on the dog…this would be a red flag if you like the dog. But nothing is very clear cut in this game.

Ball State

Betting is 71% on the home favorite Ohio with the line moving from -9 to -8.5. Models slightly favor Ohio But there is a reverse line move pointing to Ball State. Variables are neutral on the game. This game again….a pass for me.

Good Luck Tonight

To subscribe to plays just hit the paypal button on the upper right and pick the subscription you wish. Then send me your twitter handle and follow @rick_sports. I will then add you to my private twitter feed.

There should be some plays today and I will send them out when they become clear.

Two games tonight in College football:

The market surprised everyone yesterday with a +200 pt day. Just when people were starting to get worried the market after being down another 1% overnight ended up 1.5%. This is a very treacherous market right now with the volatility punishing both the longs and the shorts. The trick is to have a technique that these swing do not get you stopped out. Other wise you are going to get into the Whipsaw routine and I can tell you from experience its not fun. Sort of like losing with aa23 in Omaha 8 7 times in a row:)

But even with yesterday’s dramatic turnaround the market is still over sold a bit. Another up day will take care of that though. I am long my portfolio of stocks with covered calls and exited two stock mean reversion trades. In addition I still have on index mean reversion trades that I am going to try to squeeze a bit more profit out of today!

Not much in the news today and hopefully the Fed has decided to cool it for awhile and stay silent. The only other two events on the horizon are 1. Possibility of more terrorist attacks and 2. A government shutdown. I had thought the 2nd event was behind us but Ryan is talking tough right now so you never know what mayhem our congress is going to bring to the markets.

On an interesting note. Compare for a minuite Greenspan to Yellen without making any judgements. Remember back to Y2K. The big changing of time that had the potential to cause catastrophic problems in the financial worlds becuase of the way computers were set up. Greenspan pulled out all stops in providing liquidity to the markets to make sure that their was no disruption in the financial markets. Now today….the highest amount of Americans out of the workforce, Tourism getting hammered around the globe because of the fear of terrorism, regulations that are strangling small business’s etc. And all the fed can talk about is tightening in December! And then of course you had Helicopter Ben:)

Enought rambling for now…should be an interesting week in the markets.

Oh and almost forgot. Colleges totals went 2-0 last night with two easy covers bringing college hoops to 7-1 for the season. The good news is if your a subscriber you do not have to deal with the dramatic line moves seconds after I release my plays in hoops. That was a problem the last few years. So take advantage of it and subscribe! Just hit the paypal button on the top right and pick the subscription that interests you. This is most likely the least expensive of any service you will find and more then likely one of the best with 100% transparency.

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