3:45 Update

Two games tonight in College football:

Bowling Green
Ball State

Betting is 72 % on the road favorite with the line moving from -21 to -23. Models slightly favor Ball State. Variables are Neutral on the game. This game is a pass for me. Nothing much to go on.

N. Illinois
Betting is 67% on the home favorite with the line moving away from the betting from -13 to -12. Models favor N. Illinois. Variables slightly favor Ohio. Again not much to go on. A pass for me.

Good Luck Tonight which ever side you choose!

10:45 Update

A good day for plays yesterday going 4-1-1 in college Hoop Plays. 1-0-1 on sides and 3-1 on Totals. In the NHL our plays went 1-1 for a +.42 day in the NHL.

Also our setup in the NBA was an easy winner.

Get on board for all the plays as its shaping up to be a great season. Just it the paypal button on the upper right and pick the subscription plan you want. Then follow @rick_sports and I will add you to my private twitter feed where you receive my Hilton NFL Picks early, All plays and All setups daily!

Subscribers I will be sending out plays about 2 to 10 min before game times.

Good Luck Today

Well you would think you could go to sleep at night with the world safe and secure. That everyone lived in harmony respecting their fellow humans. After all we are all human aren’t we?? So waking up this morning to the headlines that Turkey shot down a russian plane was more then a little disconcerting. For a number of reasons. 1. the market is off and that is costing me money 2. Wasnt Russia helping the World with leading the attacks on Isis? Sure they have their own agenda but certainly in part they are doing everyone a big favor. So then why would a NATO partner shoot down a Russian plane? That is what the market is trying to figure out. I have my own opinions but you will need to ask the Kurds for a more intelligent response.

So are the markets going to fight this bad news and head up on what is usually a strong thanksgiving week? The market is about 8 pts off its lows of the night and trying to rebound. We are 10 min ahead of the open and will have a gap down. I suspect its a buyable gap as long as nothing else comes from the incident.

I am long both portfolios stocks and now nine swing trades. I will be looking to put on more swing trades if they trigger today. Lets keep our fingers crossed that sane people prevail in Nato and Russia and get this worked out.In addition hopefully our government can quite bashing Russia for a week or so. This is no time to humiliate Putin after this incident. Thats my two sense for what it is worth:)
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