3:30 Update

Monday we went 1-0 on our plays with a win on Toronto +104 in the NHL and also 1-0 on our setups with the lakers +12.5 covering.

Its been a great season for plays. And its not too late to sign on. Give us a try by signing up through the paypal button on the top right. Plenty of sports left with most of the college hoop season left, all the college football bowl games and still plenty in the NFL , NHL and NBA!

For subscribers all plays will be sent out 1 to 10 min before game time.

Good Luck Tonight.

If your getting nervous about the market just be glad a substantial portion of your 401K is not in CMG(chipotle) The stock has gone from almost 800 to almost 500 in a few months! And if your the type that does not pay attention to the market do a google search and if you own the stock sit down before you do. The new just does not get any worse. Conventional wisdom right now is that the tailspin they are in is something they will not recover from. Of course conventional wisdom is usually wrong but in the restaurant business it does not take much to get people to quit going to you. And this scare is one that might be permanent.

The market is off almost 1% 30 min before the open. Oil is getting crushed again this morning. And I am long about 12 stocks with a few swing trades on. Another big down day and we will be approaching mean reversion territory! And that is a spot although I do not like the ride down to it I love that area to start accumulating mean reversion trades. So in trading as in all aspects of life sometimes you need to take the good with the bad:)

In addition we can all be thankful for the humor we are getting fed each day in politics. Our AG Lynch comes out after the biggest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 and instead of promising that all connected would be brought to justice her comments were that her greatest concern was speech against Muslims. And then almost immediately after that you have republicans saying atrocious things about Muslims and daring Lynch to arrest them! Then to cap it off Trump comes out and says he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the US. It does not get any more comical then this. Albeit its sort of a sad comedy that our leadership has come down to this. Sooner or later hopefully sooner people need to realize we are all in this together irregardless of race, religion ,sexual preference etc. After all last time I looked everyone is of the human race? Although we probably could use a few Vulcans leading our country right now. Where is Spock when you need him.

Enough rambling lets see how the market fares today:)

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