Christmas present:

In the spirit of Christmas I am going to give you a tip in college hoops that you can use next season. Its most likely too late to take advantage of this late in the season.

Around 8:00 A.M. PST one of the most successful and followed college handicapping services puts its picks out to its subscribers. Now you could pay 1600 for the season for their picks. However the lines move within seconds. It would be very difficult to get the lines that were available before their picks come out…unless of course your using a local bookie that is late in updating their line!

But for free…all you have to do is have real time odds…which is available on the internet for free…and look for lines moves shortly after 8:00 A.M.PST.

Today it appears their play is most likely San Francisco. The line was -11.5 and shortly after 8 it jumped to -13.5…and is now -14.5 on Pinnacle. If you would of done this the first 30 days of the season you would be up over 20 units! As the season progresses however the lines get sharper and when conference plays starts…you should look at these as a fade rather then playing the steam.

Watch the numbers for a few days and tell me what you think:)

No plays on Monday. However the smu fresno game should be a reminder that anything can happen in any one game. A 13 pt favorite in a bowl game loses by 33. No Injuries to explain the loss. Just one of those days. That is the reason that it is imperative to manage your betting size appropriately.

It isn’t chess:) A lot of noise and randomness in the outcomes of these games. Sort of like playing limit poker!

During the World Series of Poker I was playing Daily the 20-40 with a 30-60 omaha 8 game at the Rio. A young player I know that I actually enjoy talking with (one of the few) came up to me and was having a bad day. He asked how do you account for the players playing any 4 cards and booking good wins. I explained that all of that was just noise. Irrelevant in the big scheme of things and the best way to approach that is to just filter it out.

The natural tendency is when what you are doing is not working you then start thinking it might be best to play the way they play. My advice is if you start thinking in that direction…even in the slightest….its time to call it a day and go home , get out your state of the art vaporiser and relax with the best medical marijuana you can find. Of course that is only if you have a medical marijuana card:)

These players do not last long. Not only do they not overcome the rake…but their negative ev play catches up with them eventually.

Ok…on to todays games.

In College Hoops there are only 4 games today. I see nothing that interests me in todays college games. If I had to pick the best game it might be indiana st +7.5 but its far from any type of wagering play.

In the NBA today

1/2 Unit Plays

Brooklyn -3
N.Y Knicks +4

NBA System Setups:

Brooklyn -3 Sys A1 E1

New York Sys A1 A2 B C
LA Lakers -4

Oklahoma City
Miami -2.5

Chicago -4.5

LA Clippers -7 Sys A2 C

I will update today if anything else changes.

Good Luck Today

Twitter: rickjsportplays
Twitter: rickjswingtrade

  • John

    I know you were trying to help, but there’s one big problem with trying to get that service’s plays in the manner you mentioned… The books move lightning fast and it’s already hard to get bet those pays if you are a paid subscriber. Waiting to see the board move and then getting the original line is virtually impossible unless you have a slow-moving books. Also, they had no releases yesterday, so you may wind up playing random games that happen to steam around 8:00 pt (i.e. your guess that they were on SF yesterday). Just trying to add some helpful info before anyone decides trying this. Hope you had a merry Xmas!

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