3:30 Update

Tues NHL Plays
1/2 Unit
Carolina +137
Montreal +118

8:30 AM Update

NHL Totals (Tracking Plays)
Chicago U5.5-110
Edmonton U5 +104

Monday nothing developed so there were no plays.

Another light schedule in college hoops today and this morning on the sides not much looks promising.

Tuesday College Hoops
1/2 Unit Play
532 Mich St U132.5

I will update around 3:30 PST with any NBA, NHL and college hoops.

In addition to the totals in the NHL and NBA and am tracking a Money Line angle for Short Dogs in the NBA and ncaa bb. My definition of short dog is +5.5 or less. I have long thought if your going to play these dogs its best just to bet the money line. But I have never tracked or backtested this.

It would be difficult for me to backtest so I am going to start tracking them. I will not post all my tracking only the games that my methods indicate are promising plays.

Also I will not be betting these this season and neither should anyone else.

Twitter: rickjsportplays
Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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  • Ming

    Out of curiosity, what caused you to hold off on Jazz +6 tonight?

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