Tuesday nba+ early ncaa fb plays

A 1-1 day yesterday for breakeven. Memphis came through in the final quarter and won big as a dog. Islanders really were never in the game. But were within 1 goal late.

No nhl plays tonight. 1 nba play. 3 early ncaafb plays.

Good Luck

20-Nov-06 5:35pm
21-Nov-06 Basketball
Total Washington Wizards/Dallas Mavericks (U 205.5) -105

21-Nov-06 9:00am
24-Nov-06 Football
Miami Ohio (+3) -107

21-Nov-06 5:00pm
25-Nov-06 Football
Total Notre Dame/USC (U 57) for Game -111

21-Nov-06 1:00pm
25-Nov-06 Football
Nevada (+2.5) -102


Record to date:

Sides: 17- 14 +6.83
o/u 3-8-1 -5.09
Sides 29-21-1 +8.39
o/u 6-5 +.72
Sides 14-3-1 +10.90
o/u 6-3 +2.83
sides 20-20 +2.56
Side 13-11 +1.71
o/u 7-3 +3.94

Total 206 Bets + 32.65 units +15.85% Return

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  • Jonathan

    I just read “Smart Money,” and have been compelled to research the Computer Group. What an amazing story. I see your profitable return, but it must be so much tougher today. The end of the story talked about developing models for teasers, so I suppose there is still plenty of value there with an ability to manipulate your lines. That wagering isn’t for the feint of heart. I was curious if you had a take or story to relate (if you care to comment, of course).

  • vince

    hey rick i have been impressed with your picks of late and i was wondering if there is any stats specifically that weigh heavier in your selections. and do you happen to have any early picks for the nfl this weekend?

  • RickJ

    Hi Vince,

    My picks are based upon a combination of various factors including a neural net model that I incorporate into my handicapping. For obvious reasons I dont give out any more info then that.

    Early nfl..I am going to post this morning detroit +3 -110


    Not sure what you are looking for but feel free to email me or message me on yahoo.And we can discuss it.


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