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Running low on allegiance-have to bail out of ship– Need you to step out on limb and be affirmative by saying I like this one more so than this one– How about giving a list of plays and put some sort of value level of your opinion on them?..”

“I completely disagree. At the end of the day human intervention, when it comes to gambling, is a VERY dangerous thing. A man as systematic as Rick doesn’t need to give his own opinion about what bets are stronger. With a solid system in work, if a bet comes up, it’s a bet – end of. Keep up the great work Rick, you’re one of the few people out there that are solely systematic in what they do.”

My response:

I have been doing this now for well over 5 years and posting winning records in most sports yearly. Without exception however whenever I go thru the inevitable drawdown people get disenchanted and oftentimes upset.

I can understand that…its human nature at work. Logical person that I am if I were following someones picks and they hit 60% last year and close to 55% this year on almost 400 plays I would be pretty happy especially in an endeavor that few people can beat in the long run.

The drawdown we have had now is nothing. Really luckily we havnt experienced a 30 unit drawdown yet…but believe me when I tell you…its coming sometime.

Now saying that if anyone is really disenchanted by some tough times..its really time to reread the required reading section up on top of this site.

Also…let me say this again and again…..There is no easy money to be made handicapping sports. Anything you make in the long run will be tough going. Thats why where ever you go there are a dozen bookies out there trying to sign you up!!!!

The only way to approach this is to bet an amount where a 30 unit downswing means nothing to you. Then you know you have an appropriate bet size.


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    I understand your way and certainly respect it. Yit’s true the downdrafts hurt and I re-read your blog and would like to apologize if I came across as an ill mannered boor. I am back aboard your ship for the full cruise.
    Oh by the way this picture I would like to rate a 10+ she is flat out gorgeous and her rack is stupendous and real..


    2nd sentence –Yes it’s true

  • hi

    am i right in thinking i read before that your record was great pre divisional play last year and went downhill? perhaps you need a separate algorithm for the 2 halves of a season

  • Here comes the whining......

    OK so Birdieman has calmed down. Lovely……
    Meanwhile Birdieman you not only came across as an ill mannered boor but you actually were one.
    And as far as the picture of the hottie you are referring to you should have deduced by now that we have no idea what picture you are talking about because with each visit to the blog the picture changes. Just hit refresh now and you can see what I mean.

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