Where is the value today in the NCAA Tournament??? Sign up for a 3 day free trial now and find out!!!

Where is the value today in the NCAA Tournament??? Sign up for a 3 day free trial now and find out!!!

Saturday we had 2 plays, both in the NCAA Tournament and went 1-1. Butler -2.5 won 74-65 and St. Marys +5 lost 60-69.

St. Marys had their chances but they slipped away the last 10 min of the game as Arizona simply wore them down.

Today I have sent out 1 play so far.

That brings my record in the NCAA Tournament to  5-3 and the NIT 1-0.

6-3 in Tournament play.

As I said yesterday the easy money is over. The first round of the NCAA Tournament is perhaps the best handicapping opportunity of the year, in any sport! The setups are all backtested and have passed real-time testing.

The only caveat is the sample size, but, that is prevalent in all sports. That is just something handicappers need to take as a given, and factor into their evaluation of the game.

It is almost like playing poker, where you know your hand but do not know the makeup of the other hands or what cards are left in the deck. So in poker, you are always dealing with incomplete information but the best players, overcome that and use it to their advantage.

They do this by being better at drawing conclusions from all the hints that are given around the poker table during the play of a hand.

The analogy is not perfect, but it is better than it appears at first glanceL)

I have been getting a lot of emails asking about the MLB special. I will put up something on the site very soon. I am anal about many things but some things I have a tendency to put off. This is one of them. It is on my list.

But, it is not very complex of a special:

1. You need to me a subscriber from opening day until the last day of the regular season.

2. If I fail to have a winning season in MLB you get 50% of your subscription back. You will get a refund the very next day after the regular season ends. No Delays.

3. The record I post is open to dispute for 1 week from the time it is posted. After that, it becomes unassailable, whether a mistake was made in my favor or subscribers favor. (Too much time was wasted last year going over the entire season by myself and some subscribers) (Let me add that a subscriber found an error that helped to move me into the plus column for the year)

4. Considering that as a subscriber you get plays on all sports I handicap in addition to MLB and also get the “Big Move Games” that were uncanny in predicting the line movement from open to close, The 50% refund is a bargain in the event we have a losing year.

5. I would not be offering this if I thought there was much of a chance of having a losing year in MLB. I am that confident now in MLB.

That is it, but if anyone still has any questions, just send me an email and I will be glad to answer them.

Opening day is only 12 days off!!!  It should be a fun season.

Let me add one other thing. MLB is the most volatile sport of all. The ups and downs can run 40 to 50 units top to bottom, if not more. If you do not have your bet sizing set up right MLB will eat you up, as it does most sports bettors. ( This is a RickJ Given)

Good Luck Today


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