Want to join me for the Hilton (Westgate) NFL supercontest this season!


Hilton (Westgate) NFL SuperContest

I have been on the fence about signing up for the Super Contest this year. It’s a real inconvenience now with the parking at Westgate. But I have decided I am going to enter again this season. The entrants expected is around 2000 putting up 1500 each. After you subtract 8%, which is the amount Westgate takes out of the pool there is still around 2.7 million to split up!

As in prior years, I am selling 2/3rds of the entry fee. So 1,000 is available. I am keeping 1/3 for myself. I am charging no vig on this, so whatever you pay in you get that proportion back. The only requirement is that however buys in will sign an agreement showing their % share if we cash and also that they are responsible for any income tax consequences resulting from any proceeds they receive. I will need your social security number also for any forms that are filled out either on entry or also on cashing.

If you have an interest please email me at [email protected] with the how much of the 1,000 you want to buy in for. Ideally if your local you can pay me cash or via PayPal but not as a service but as a friend so that no fees are charged by PayPal.

If you have any questions let me know. I am planning on signing up before the end of this month so there is not much time to get on board. It is not first come first serve. It will be by convenience, which means locals and the higher the buy-in amount will take priority.


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