3:30 Update

Not much has changed since this morning. There is nothing that shows up as a play tonight. And most likely nothing will. Looking over the games if I had to bet two games tonight…it would be Golden st +10.5 in the nba and UAB with the money line in college hoops. But they are not plays. If anything changes I will update later.

Tuesday was a busy day. We lost our 1 unit play on Wake Forest +14.5 and they never had a chance. Our 1/2 unit play on S. ILL +10 was an easy cover as they won the game. Our 1/2 unit total on Mich U133 lost and was not close. Finally our NHL 1/2 Unit play on Calgary +135 was an easy win 4-1.

Today a full schedule but nothing on the radar in any sport so far. I could possibly be a no play day today…at least the way things look now.

I will update later usually about 30 min before game times if anything does develop.

Good Luck Today

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