0-2-1 in ncaa baskets Tues and 0-1 in the nhl. Not a very good day.

But thats the nature of sports betting. After sunday everything was looking great and then all of a sudden we have hit a cold streak.

Poker is very similar….you can win for months where most days are easy wins. You get out in front and stay there with no bad beats and things going your way. Then when you start thinking you might just be the best poker player ever…..completely out of the blue….you go on a 3 month spell where you are hardly ever in front and find it hard to win a hand or get any cards to play. Then at the end of that your wondering if you will ever win again.

Its a cycle that plays itself out over and over. You never quite get used to it but after awhile you accept that is just the way things are. Your only comfort at times is your spreadsheet proving that your a winning player:)

The only way to protect your self if your a postive ev player is to play within your bankroll. If you ignore that there is a high probability you will go broke. If your not a positive ev player nothing is going to help you. Its as simple as that.

In any event….there will probably be at least 1 nhl pick today and the baskets I will update with picks if they become clear.


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