An Email:

“just found your page on here and was wondering what your year to date record is along with your life time record. thanks”

My Response:

It depends on the sport. MLB Negative, NFL and NCAAFB positive….almost 60% since started posting on my site, NCAABB Postive although started posting about 3 years ago….has been the best over the last 2 years. NHL break even, NBA negative although made some major changes and had a winning season last year.

All numbers are on the right side of the blog.
9:00 Update

Wedn MLB Play
1/2 Unit
Toronto +125

Tuesday we continued our downswing with an 0-2 day on our half unit home dog plays. Both were close with the toronto losing in extra innings and the cubs losing 4-3.

Our road dog tracking setups A finally had a losing day going 0-3 and our Road Dog tracking setups C won with Milw +182

Wedn MLB Play
1/2 Unit
White Sox +141

Wedn Road Dog Tracking Setup A ( I do not bet these)
Angels +116

Wedn Home Fav Tracking setup A( I do not bet these)

Arizona -128

Wedn Home Dog tracking setups A
White Sox +141
Toronto +125
Cubs +124

Might be one more Home Dog play today.

Good Luck Today

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