Nothing the last few days and today….there is just one possibility and it is remote. But if it develops I will update my blog and twitter.

With the matchup changes this weekend we should be getting a few picks.

As far as the swing trades this morning :

1000 teva 54.95
2000 wfc 30.12

The exit strategy on each today is rsi(2) closing over 60. It would take a massive turnaround in the market to accomplish this today. But one never knows. I will be watching it throughout the day.

Tomorrow if we are not out will be the same with these 2 trades.

As I pointed out many times these trades are not for the faint of heart. They are usually put on when things look the worst!

Mlb record to date:

play: 5-0 +6.53
Leans: 6-0 +7.57

plays: 1-6 -4.92
Leans: 7-7 +2.30

plays 6-6 +1.50
leans 13-7 +9.87

Good Luck Today

Twitter: rickjsportplays

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