Nothing on Tues and again nothing even close today to a lean or a play.

We have had a bit of a downswing this month and for the month am off 4.2 units.
Also I have started to receive some rude emails about how these picks are poor, along
with some disparaging comments.

Let me remind everyone that if a 4.2 unit downswing is troubling you then you probably shouldn’t be betting since it would be nothing to encounter a 20 unit downswing and I expect it sooner or later.

Also Its probably time to remind everyone to reread the required reading section of my blog. It is needed to get a perspective on gambling and these picks. Here is the link:

I have been doing this for 5 years now so human nature as it is I encounter this every time things slow up. People are betting that really shouldn’t be betting at all. If you don’t have a perspective on variance, money management, and the psychological ups and downs of gambling on a daily basis you have 0 chance of success at this tough endeavor.

Good Luck Today

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  • mouldhouse

    For Pete's sake, you go on a massive winning streak of what 15 units and then people worry about 4.2 units in losses?

    Total morons.

    You are spot on with what you say. It seems to me that less than 2% of people have what it takes to be a successful gambler in terms of mental makeup – and not all of those can find their niche/edge.

    Keep up the good work and ignore the ignoramuses Rick.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't start playing your baseball selections until after your massive winning streak ended. So I am doing poorly. And that is just too bad for me. No one made me play these selections. I did it of my own free will. Do have a complaint??? Hell no.
    I appreciate your sharing your picks.
    It is called gambling. The ironic thing though, is your having a good season and you get complaint e-mail. I am so sorry for that. You deserve thanks. And as someone who is not even winning off your stuff this season, and regardless of how you do the rest of the way, let me say, THANK YOU!!!!!

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