Nothing on tues. Today there are several possiblities in the nhl. I will update later when things become clear.

Also in the nba until the teams get about 10 games each there most likely wont be very many plays. Things should pick up a bit later.

In the Nfl contests I went 3-2 last week and had a small pickup in each. I am tied for 18th in the Hilton and tied for 7th in Leroys.

In Mlb the season is finally over. We picked up a little over 18 units for the season on 162 plays. My guess is this is about what to expect each season. A few things to note is that we have several 10 unit drawdowns over the season. I expect that to be the norm. So next season prepare for it and expect it.

A comment:

“Rick, another CFB question:
I notice that a lot of your picks in college football seem to be low scoring games. Is that on purpose or coincidence? In higher scoring games (like most Pac 10 games), I guess getting points is less valuable because these teams can score 21 points in just a few minutes, whereas in lower scoring games, every extra 1/2 point you have as an underdog can be the difference between winning and losing.”

My Response:

Probably a coincidence although some of my models indirectly do take into account total points likely to be scored in relation to the total posted on the game. I doubt if its much of a factor however.

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