Wedn MLB play

Hello from hawaii!!!! What a great place.

Tues we lost our regular play and also our wnba tracking play.

Today there are no plays . This morning nothing is even close to a play.

A comment:

“A single thread would provide more continuity and be easier to manage than weekly threads. One would be able to see all your picks and answers to prior questions.

I’d urge you to return and take the advice that was given as it was sound. I don’t know why you preferred weekly threads originally (other than the simplicity with football), but with your development of multi-sport/multi-model handicapping a single thread is the best option.”

My signature change and the single thread had nothing to do with my leaving the forum. I actually agree a single thread makes more sense. I was only doing what the prior moderators had suggested . Without exception when a moderator asked me to make changes I complied.

2 plus 2 site is in my opinion the premier site for poker players. That is one of the reasons I have continued posting for over five years. Each time over that period when the bashers got out of control the prior moderator put a quick stop to it. It was effective enough that for the last year my posts were left alone .

But now with the new moderator it’s starting up again. Not only that the moderator has contributed to the bashing. I sent him a private message to explain himself with no answer… And then sent a 2nd with no response. At that point I decided enough was enough.

My idea of a handicapping forum for serious handicappers should include a ZERO tolerance for bashers. 1 warning and then your out. Now human nature what it is there will always be haters and bashers but with a Zero tolerance policy they will be eliminated.

It was not an easy decision for me since I know there are serious and excellent handicappers on the forum that are very positive people. But when the bashing gets hateful and personal and the moderator contributes to the problem it’s time to make an exit .

By the way I appreciate your message and have a very high respect for your handicapping abilities.


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