wedn nba plays

Tues we were 0-2 for a -2.10 unit day. we lost the total by a half point..and seattle by 2.

This is clearly the biggest drawdown since I started this method. If you are exercising good
money management you should be fine. If not….this should be a lesson. No matter what methodology you are going to have drawdowns. We are only at 7 to 8 unit drawdown now…and I suspect somewhere along the line we will get at least a 15 unit drawdown…whether this is it only time will tell.

Also…..the only other concern I have is the nba sides. We are only +3.57 units on 112 plays….that is only an 3.19 percent return…I would suggest lowering your unit bet until we get back over a 5 to 7 percent return in the nba sides…also I am going to tighten a bit my parameters on nba sides.

So…today….looks like only 1 clear play in the nba this morning…

Golden state under 205.5 -105

Good Luck


Record to date:

Sides: 17- 14 +6.83
o/u 3-8-1 -5.09
Sides 36-27-2 +9.14
o/u 11-12 -1.63
Sides 26-10-1 +15.56
o/u 7-4 +2.83
sides 28-27 +6.31
Side 56-50-1 +3.57
o/u 19-12 +6.63

Oct: 132 bets + 11.63 units +8.81% Return
Nov: 105 bets + 25.19 units +24.0% Return
Dec: 94 bets + 1.99 units +2.11% Return
Jan: 43 bets + 3.17 units +7.37% Return
Total 371 Bets + 41.98 units +11.29% Return

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this is a streak all right, but very few of the losses have been by a lot. As you noted, last night’s misses were by 1 possession. Each. Keep up the good work.


  • frank

    Hey Rick- thanks for putting in the work. You might want to check the lines on Bodog as the action there seems to be pretty ‘square’ and would favor a dog/under player such as yourself. I was able to push on the Wash/Pho under, and win on Sunday with Miami +6.5 there. Good luck.


  • RickJ


    Thanks….I will look at that…I also pushed on the under last night…but posted it as a loss since it was posted at 231.5


  • Frank

    btw- Its not much fun trying to sweat the under when the Suns are playing! Those guys sure let it fly.

  • Greg

    I got lucky and made my bets late yesterday on cascade and got the extra point needed to win the under last night. I’ve had that happen a couple times in the past month with your picks. Just goes to show the importance of line shopping and movement predictions (or in my case, dumb luck).


  • Scott

    Just a word of warning about Bodog. They offer different lines to different customers based on their betting tendencies. While you might get some value there for a while, they’ll soon identify you as a dog/under player and adjust your lines accordingly.

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