4:00 Update

Today was a monster day to the upside and our SPY/SSO swing exit triggered right before the close. It gave us a .84% loss for the trade. It was right on the trigger and I took it. With these mean reversion trades the trigger gets lower and lower as the trade develops as its based upon a technical indicator for its exit. So despite the 10% market selloff in 5 days our SPY trade has less then a 1% loss.

I did not exit any of my swing trades in stocks however so they are positioned well if the market follows through tomorrow. None were near their trigger points but another big day tomorrow would most likely get us there.

For those of you that are following this ..this is the extreme. 1000 pt swings in the dow are a real rarity and this last week of trading we were getting them every day! The market has pretty much recovered from its oversold condition but is still slightly there. It will be nice when things get back to normal…these 2% or more gaps on the open really tie your hands for swing trading. In the six remaining swings I have about a 1700 profit. So a big day tomorrow would work out nicely:) We will see.

I will update in the morning.

If you want to follow my swing trades just send an invite to RICKJSWINGS for a two week free trial.

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1:40 Update

There are still 3 weeks left (till 9-11) before the Westgate Super Contest starts – If you need a proxy service to enter – “lasvegascontestproxy.com” I know the owner of the service and can highly recommend this Proxy service. So if you’re from out of town…or out of the country and have the urge to enter the Westgate NFL contest this season …give them a call. I am not affiliated with this service nor do I get any remuneration for recommending them.

Tuesday we went 2-1 on our MLB plays. It was looking like a rare 3-0 day but Texas could not hold a 1 run lead into the 9th:(

Wednesday MLB Plays
San Diego +138
Phil +126
Cinci +151

MLB Weightings

903 SD – T Ross 3
901 NYM – B Colon
902 PHI – J Eickhoff 3+
919 LAA – H Santiago 1-
920 DET – J Verlander
905 PIT – J Locke
906 MIA – C Narveson 2+
907 LAD – B Anderson
908 CIN – D Holmberg 4
909 COL – Y Flande
910 ATL – S Miller 1
921 MIN – T Duffey 1
922 TB – C Archer
929 MIL – J Nelson
930 CLE – Co Anderson 2
923 TOR – D Price
924 TEX – C Lewis 1
927 BAL – W Chen 2-
928 KC – J Cueto
925 BOS – R Porcello 0.5
926 CHW – C Sale
911 STL – J Lackey
912 ARI – P Corbin 2
913 CHC – K Hendricks 2
914 SF – J Peavy

I will post market comments after the opening of the globex at 3.

12:55 Update

I will be exiting SSO at the close…target hit OUT 56.95

12:40 Update

Well…its been awhile but the markets are cooperating today with the spy up 3.25% and the Nasdaq up 4.24%. If the markets close down today I will be very very disappointed! We are aways from an exit on my SPY/SSO trade and I doubt the exit will get there today. In addition the six other swing trades I have on are aways from there exit also. So it looks like I will carry them on overnight. Its tempting to sell here but I am going to fight human nature and stick to the plan:)

Another few hundred points up here before the close however might get me closer to the exits. We will see. Anything can happen in these markets of course and when you get shorts covering anything is possible into the close.

11:00 Update

Wedn MLB Play
Oakland +133

MLB Weighting
917 OAK – C Bassitt 3+
918 SEA – F Hernandez

8:40 Update

MLB Weighting on NYY game
915 HOU – C McHugh 0
916 NYY – M Pineda 0

6:15 Update

To give you an idea of the historical odds:


Another day and another Large Gap. For the 2nd day in a row we get a large gap up. SPY a little over an hour before the open is up 2.8%. This translates to SSO being up 5.7%. Large gap ups are easy days for me as its just a question of managing trades. I do not take breakout trades on these days..the reason…take a look at yesterday. Breakout trades all would of been stopped out by the end of the day. I would rather be looking at breakout trades on gap down days that do not turn into a trend day down. Sounds easy….it isnt!

I imagine everyone would be excited about this big gap up today but with tuesdays memory still firmly entrenched in our mind…its probably optimistic apprehension! Do we get a gap and go, consolidation , or a gap fill? My vote is a gap and go but they really do not listen to me so we will have to wait and see. I added the final position of my SPY/SSO trade at the close yesterday and also added a mean reversion swing at the close. So sticking to the plan.

I have been getting quite a few emails regarding the worth of this trading method I am using. I have been doing this for years. I managed 2008 and will manage this. Actually I feel pretty good how this method has performed in this drawdown. I have loses but nothing that will not be recovered with a nice 2 day bounce. The one thing about this method….as I have mention many times before…..sizing is the way you manage risk in mean reversion trading. There is no way to avoid these times….but the money you make in markets that react within the norms far outweighs the money you lose in these rare events. We will see!

To give you an idea of the depth of this sell off.
$SPX is off $2.1 Trillion over the last 6 sessions; worst Aug since 1998!

I have on 7 swing trades right now all of which are mean reversion trades. More then likely there will be no additional positions today but just managing trades. Is there any chance the fed announces no interest rate hikes this year? If that happens it will be a historic day to the upside(more wishful thinking)

If you want to follow my swing trades just send an invite to RICKJSWINGS for a two week free trial.

For those of you whose trial is running out you can sign up for 24$ a month through Paypal. Just send to my email address: riccja3@gmail.com

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