Final Update:

Wedn College Hoops
1/2 Unit Play
785 Washington St +6.5

3:40 Update

Wedn College Hoops
1/2 Unit Play
740 Texas Tech +9.5

3:30 Update

Wedn College Hoops
1/2 Unit Play
749 Marshall +7

Tuesday we won our 1/2 Unit play on Winnipeg +133 in the NHL . Also our tracking setups on NHL totals went 1-0-1.

Today nothing I can see early however there are a number of games tonight in college hoops that look pretty good.

I will update later around 3:30.

A comment:

“When evaluating over/unders, how much weight do you give on leaning towards the over due to possible OT?”

I do not factor that in at all. I assume that it is already in the line. I do not think you would gain much if anything by say giving greater weight to the overs in a pick game as opposed to the unders in a -10 Game. Saying that I have not backtested anything or tracked anything along those lines.

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