Wednesday Swing Trades

Wednesday Swing Trades

Swing Update:

My Gld Position was put on 5/21 and 5/28 at 132.32 and 133.54 respectively. My profit on the two trades were 1244.00 and 718.12 or 2.35% and 1.42% on roughly a 2 and 3 week hold.

My ULTA postion was put on a few days ago at 43.57. My loss on the trade was 288 or .83%.

I got out of gld as the variables I look at no longer supported a long position. And the ULTA swing was cut short almost everything I look at seems to point to a rather severe correction starting soon ..or having already begun.

Now of course this is no exact science to say the least…but this is what I follow.

I sold my GLD position at 135.43

I sold my spxl position at 43.21

I will update a bit later with the % gain/loss on these trades and my reasoning.


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