Week 2 of Preseason NFL is almost behind us. NFL Regular Season coming up!!!

We are almost through week 2 of Preseason NFL with and so far our preseason plays are 3=0 on sides and 0-2 on totals. The first 2 preseason side plays won big with both dogs winning the game easily. The bears +3 however this week was an amazing backdoor cover that brought them in on the last play of the game.

Can you tell I am getting fired up for regular season:)

Saturday we had 4 1/2 Unit plays and went 3-1. Detroit Under 9 won 3-2, Tampa bay was a double 1/2 unit play at -103 and -114 and won 8-2 finally Colorado +124 lost 2-9.

We also had 6 big move games :

Dodgers -155

Mets +136

Tampa -113

Detroit +119

Arizona -130

Milw +189


With the closing lines:

Dodgers -137

Mets +143

Tampa -111

Detroit +126

Arizona -135

Milw +201

A rare day in that most went against us. Only one game moved our way. First time in a while I can remember that happening. No reason to put out a warning flag yet but consider that these big move games typically do best the first few months of the season.

Today I have sent out a 1/2 unit play along with 4 big move games.

Each day that goes by we get closer to the first week of regular season in the NFL and week 1 of college football. If you’re considering joining our group for the football season and have any doubts or reservations just look at our track record posted on this page along with the documented results from last season at thesportsmonitor.com.

Also for those that want to do a bit more research you only need to go to the Hilton NFL super contest results for the earlier years and look up my results picking 5 games a week. My entry name in the SuperContest was rickja.com

Finally for those of you that are thinking about joining the SuperContest this year and are needing a proxy service:

If you are interested in the Westgate “Super Contest” and live out of Las Vegas, you need a proxy to make your weekly picks for you.  I recommend “lasvegascontestproxy.com“.  I get no remuneration for this, but know the owner (larry k) personally & he is one of the best in the business. He is also a proxy for All the contests in Las Vegas.

I cannot recommend Larry highly enough. He is as honest as they come and takes his responsibility as a proxy very seriously. You cannot do any better if you’re looking for a proxy service here in Las Vegas.

And I am embarrassed to say this, however, I am now waffling on entering the Hilton NFL SuperContest despite that I now consider the contest a negative EV contest. The reason for me is that it provides exposure by way of indirect advertising in the event I would happen to win it. So it’s more of a cost of doing business than a positive EV wager. In addition, I get a lot of enjoyment out of the contest.

So there you go, that is how I have rationalized entering again this year!!! So…..the entry fee is 1500.00 and again this season I am making available 1000 of 1500 to people who want to come along with me in the contest. You get $ for $ interest in any win. So if you put up $1000 you get the full 2/3 return if we happen to cash.

If you have an interest then email me with the Amount you wish to give along with how you will get the money to me. PayPal is the desired method if your out-of-state or if you’re here in Vegas we can meet and exchange the cash.

I will need to get down to the Hilton soon so if you’re interested please send me your desired contribution. As in earlier years, this  is not going to be a first come first serve. I will do it by 1. The amount contributed and 2. ease of exchanging money.  As in earlier years, I will prepare a written agreement that sets out the above along with a statement that all parties to the transaction are responsible for their own tax implications in the event there is a cash in the tournament.

Good Luck Today


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