Week 2 of Preseason NFL Tomorrow!!!

Week 2 of Preseason NFL Tomorrow!!!

Tuesday we had 4 plays and lost all 4:( Our 1 unit play was on Atlanta +120 and lost 2-4. We had three 1/2 unit plays with Oakland +145 losing 4-5, Yankees +109 losing 6-12 and another on the Yankees -102 losing 6-12.

We had 3 big move games:

Pitt +105
Oakland +145
Yankees +109

With the closing line:

Pitt +106
Oakland +115
Yankees -105

Two of the games had big moves our way.

These big move games have been about as consistent as an indicator could be!

Today no plays have been sent out however early I sent out 3 Big move games.

The 2nd week of Preseason NFL starts tomorrow. If you wish to get in on the plays just pick the subscription of your choice under the PayPal option on the upper right of the page.

If you have any questions about joining our group for the NFL season just send me an email!

Good Luck Today

RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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