Week 5 in the NFL now past and I am sitting at 60.8% for my contest picks!

A good weekend for football going 2-1 in college football and 1-0 in the pros. Also, my contest picks went 3-2. Cleveland and Dallas let me down:)

For the NFL we had an easy win with Jacksonville 7.5 as they blew out Pitt 30-9.

So far today I have sent out 1 play.

I really had my hopes up after a difficult weekend for picking week 5 in the NFL. Only Jacksonville was obvious and they had some flaws.

But then when Dallas had the game covered with a min left I was thinking a 4-1 weekend and some big gains in the contest. That was short-lived, however:)

But 3-2 puts me at 14-9 or 60.8%.

Not a bad spot to be after week 5. I have been at the 50/50 mark half way through the season and put monster runs on to get into contention. So I have no problem with the 60% market after week 5.

I keep getting a lot of emails regarding the NFL game breakdowns I send out on each game to subscribers.

Here is a copy of what I sent out on the Jacksonville game:

“34% Jacksonville
66% Pitt   -8.5   -7.5+102   -8.5   -7

Models favor Jacksonville, Variables favor Jacksonville, public % favors Jacksonville.

This game is the best for the week. It has a lot going for it. A reverse line move, a low total, some variables that point to the game, and Models that also point to Jacksonville.

So then one might ask why is this not a 1 unit play. The reason is there is nothing that strongly points to Jacksonville. Its a matter of degree here.

There is a subjective element to it also that typically I like to keep out of the equation but here I have chosen a 1/2 unit as none of my favorite variables are present.”

I send these out on each NFL game, each MLB playoff game, and each top 25 matchups in college football.

If anyone has any questions regarding these feel free to email me.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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