Westgate NFL Supercontest Picks along with the top 5 contest picks posted!

On Saturday in College football, we had 2 plays and split 1-1. We won with Iowa State and lost with UMass.

We also had 2 Bet or Pass games winning them both on Ilinois and Texas Tech.

Week 1 in the NFL was a Push week for me in the Westgate Supercontest going 2-2-1. Our plays in the NFL last week went 0-2 while our Bet or Pass games went 1-0.

My Westgate SuperContest picks this week are:

Buffalo +7

Pitt -4

Detroit +6

Raiders +6

Green Bay +7

Every once in awhile the lines come out early before the results of an injury are known. Here it was accepted pretty much that Rogers was out and the line was -7 according to the Westgate without him playing. I had thought it was 50/50 and even then the -7 might be overdone a little. As it turned out I guessed right.

The Westgate Supercontest had a rare good start last week going 4-1. Typically you can make a lot of money fading them the first half of the season. Nothing lasts forever:)

The Westgate top 5 this week are:




New Eng


I am with Pitt and fading none of the top 5 this week. Not the place I want to be:)  Its amazing to me that Pitt is in the top 5. Perhaps this means the Westgate is shifting toward more “sharps” than “squares” finally. Too early to tell.

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If you want to get an idea of the Road Map I put out for every football game played, here is the Thursday night road map for the NFL game I sent to subscribers:

NFL – 9/13/2018
13-Sep Model Edge Variable Edge Public % Edge
8:20 PM
101 BAL-J Flacco 0-113 -1-101  -2 -1-115 68%
102 CIN-A Dalton 43.5 43o-110  44.5u-121 43 No Edge Avg Edge Slight Edge 32%

First lets look at the public %. At 68% on Baltimore , that means Baltimore is out of the question. No matter how good the game looks you have to restrain yourself and stay away from betting Baltimore. In addition the Variables point to Cinci tonight. The problem is that the models are  neutral on the game. So that prevents the game from being a play. As far as a bet or pass, it is borderline. These +1 to +2 games need to have a bit more going for them for me to make it a Bet or Pass. Not enough here tonight. But, I would just pass on the game and avoid going with the public tonight.

Good Luck Today


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