Westgate NFL Supercontest picks, Westgate top 5, and NFL Road map for GB/NE game posted

On Saturday we had two 1 unit plays and won them both. In college football, Missouri +6.5 won by two touchdowns and in the NBA Indiana +3.5 won the game by 1.
We also had 4 Bet or Pass games and went 2-2.
Going into today we won our 1/2 Unit play on San Fran Thursday night and have a unit play pending today.
In the Westgate NFL Supercontest, I bombed last weekend going 1-4 bring my record to 22-16-2. Just under 58%. Time to get going:)
Nothing a 5 -0 day will not take care of today.
My picks this week in the Westgate contest in the order I liked them at the time:
Cleveland +8
Buffalo +10
Jets +6
Wash -1.5
New Orleans -1.5
Also amazingly the Westgate top 5 went 5-0 last week bringing their record at the 1/2 way point to 21-19. I cannot remember when the Westgate top 5 has been over 50% at this point.
Usually, they are around 40%. I would not draw any conclusions from one year. But if it happens again next year, you might reconsider the strategy of fading these the first half of the season:)
This week the Westgate top 5 are:
I am fading 2 of the top 5 this week. Let’s hope they cool off a bit.
My free roadmap for today is:
Green Bay 40%
New Eng 60% -6.5-101 -5.5-101 -7 -6-104
Models: Avg Edge New England
Variables: No Edge
Public % No Edge
A tough game. My rule is if the public is >50% on a side I either take the other side or pass on the game. Its an almost absolute rule. So it would be Green bay to handicap tonight.
The problem is the models show the edge to go to New England tonight. In addition, nothing else gives me any clues in the game. It’s a good game to stay away from and that is what I am doing. Passing on the game.
Should be a good game to watch with two of the best quarterbacks going against each other.
I have taken a completely different approach to the NBA this season and so far it has paid off. So far we are sitting at 6-1 on NBA Sides and 1-0 on NBA Totals. 
NHL also has been solid this season both sides and totals.
Football has been solid also. So we are in sync right now with the exception of last weeks NFL games. 
Also, as if things are not busy enough we have College hoops starting Tuesday.
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Hope to see you join us for a fun 2nd half of the NFL season.
Good Luck Today
RickJ’s Handicapping Picks
Skype: riccja

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