Westgate NFL Supercontest Pics posted! 20-11 heading into Week 7!!!

Westgate NFL Supercontest Pics posted! 20-11 heading into Week 7!!!

Things picked up yesterday with 7 plays and 3 leans. We went 3-4 on plays and 2-1 on leans.

In College football, our 1 unit play on Indiana +6.5 lost 9-17. I thought we had that one with Indiana having a 9-3 lead in the 4th. But not sure what happened but I do know we lost:)

Our 3 1/2 unit plays in College football went 1-2 with Boston College+6.5 winning 41-10 Colorado +10 losing 0-28 and USC +4 losing 14-49.

Our leans in College football send 2-1 with California +4 winning 44-45, Charlotte +10 winning 25-24 and N.Carolina +20 losing 7-59.

In the NBA we had 3 1/2 unit plays going 2-1. Orlando +11.5 won 114-93, Chicago +10.5 won 77-87 and Dallas +11.5 lost 91-107.

Now on to the NFL!

I had Oakland +3 as one of my Westgate NFL Supercontest picks. In an exciting finish, they won the game Thursday night. That brings me to 20-11 heading into today our 64.4%. Not a bad position to be in heading into the last 4 games of week 7. The idea is to stay close to the top 10 where a big last 3-week rush will give you a shot at winning it all. Easier said than done:)

My picks this week in the order I liked them at the time:

Bears +3

Giants +5.5

Oakland +3(W)

Green Bay +5.5

Cinci +5.5

The last game on the list was the best of the worst. The only clear-cut games to me were the first 2 games. Then I had to choose the rest by the process of elimination. That is typically the way it goes as rarely do you find 5 games that meet all my requirements for a pick.

The Westgate top 5 this week are :





San Fran

I am fading 1 and with 2 of the top 5. For the first time this season some of my picks were popular in the contest. That is not a good sign!

If you want to know why all you need do is look at the top 5 record this season, 12-18 or 40%.

So it’s not a good thing I am with them on their top 2 picks. Maybe I can get a split on these:)

The bottom 5 this week is:






I am with one that won already with Oakland and fading Seattle.

Except for the first 2 weeks, every week has been a tough one for finding 5 good picks. And I am sitting at 64%. Guess its better than all weeks being easy. Afterall who would want to pick 100%winners:)

A new feature on this site will be started soon. Its a newsletter I will be sending out, most likely twice a week. It will not only include posts from the site but also handicapping tips from time to time.

There will be a signup for this. There will be no plays as that is for subscribers only. But I think you will find it informative.

So far today I have sent out 1 play

Good Luck Today


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