What is Las Vegas Coming to??? Sad but True:(

Something is happening in Las Vegas I never thought I would see. One of the major hotel changes has decided to start charging for parking. Not only for visitors but also locals…including poker players. MGM in their wisdom thinks because of their ineptitude at running their business they can make it up now by charging for parking.

In the old days, almost everything was free. Food, Airfare, Parking , Rooms , Women….especially if you were a big gambler. But even the mid to low bettors enjoyed some of the perks the high rollers enjoyed. But that slowly faded away. Perks have gotten tighter and tighter as the corporate types have come in and mismanaged their business to the degree where many of the big names have been in serious financial trouble.

A perfect example is the Venitian Poker room. They hired a poker manager that took the room from nothing to the biggest, best and most popular in Vegas. And then the pencil pushers decided they didn’t want to spend the money on a good poker manager and have turned it from the biggest, best and most popular to having to downsize ,cut their food comps to 1.00 an hour and up the rake to 5.00 a hand. An example of ineptitude at its finest.

Have I digressed:) But really charge for parking! I am sure the hard working  valets are happy about this. The Valets that not only take your car but greet you and offer you directions and advice.

My prediction is the Bellagio poker room will rapidly be a room of the past. What sane poker player is going to pay 10.00 a day for parking? In addition, they will lose all their locals. The end result is a company that is already having troubles running their business is going to most likely go out of business. After all the Chinese are coming to Vegas with one of the biggest complexes ever. And the Chinese know how to run a business.

Enough ranting for this morning we had a great day Friday with 7 plays. Our 1 unit MLB plays went 3-1 winning with Arizona +120, Oakland +134, and San Diego +134. We lost with Atlanta +143. We had 2 half unit totals in baseball going 1-0-1. Winning with Detroit under 8 and pushing with the white sox under 8. Finally, we had a half unit NBA play winning with the knicks -2.5. So when all was said and done a 5-1-1 day for +3.88 units!!!!

MLB has just started so there is plenty of time to join us for the baseball season. And we have the NBA and NHL playoffs just around the corner. The subscription to join is is very small compared to any other service. It’s designed merely to help me out with all the expenses I incur with software, data, hardware and the enormous amount of time I put into this. Consider yourself a member of a team as I often times discuss handicapping questions or any other questions subscribers might ask. A Caveat…..before subscribing please read the must read part of this site. I will not take any subscriptions until a subscriber has read that.

Ok….back to handicapping on a Saturday morning!

Good Luck Today


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