What is the optimal method of determining bet size for sports bettors?

Sunday we had 2 one unit plays and a lean. We went 1-1 on our one unit plays and 1-0 on our lean.

Washington +2.5 lost 19-33 in the NFL and the Knicks +9.5 won the game 114-95 in the NBA.

Our lean was on the Bears +9.5 and it covered 12-20.

In the Westgate NFL Supercontest, I went 1-3 and need Denver tonight to end the week at 2-3.

I discussed with a long time follower last week the optimal method of bet sizing. Also, I mentioned to him what I do. Bet Sizing is one of the most important decisions you will have as a sports bettor.

Ideally what you want to do is have a separate bankroll for each sport. Then wager anywhere from 2 to 3% of that bankroll.

That is what I do. The end result is after a few years there are sports you will be wagering a higher amount on than others as your bankroll will rise and fall depending on how you do in each sport.

However, over the years I have been doing this while all sports are not quite as solid as other they all in my judgment have a positive EV. Some are just bigger than others. So you could simply lump them all together in one bankroll and not be that far off.

The important thing is that you have a methodical method of bet sizing rather than what most sports bettors do, bet randomly.

So far today there are 3 plays sent out.

Good Luck Today


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