What should you expect as to your rate of gains if your a positive EV sports bettor?

Monday we had 3 one unit plays and went 1-2. In the NBA we won with Miami +3.5 122-125, In the NHL we had Boston +124 losing 3-4 and in the NFL Denver +7 losing 19-29.

Also in the Westgate NFL Supercontest, I went 1-4 this weekend bringing my record to 20-15. A respectible halfway way through the season but now I have to get going. Not much room for another bad week in the contest.

So far today I have sent out 2 plays. As it turns out both in the same game, as it is a middle. I typically do not bet middles but this looked like an attractive one .

I have been asked recently what to expect in the way of gains and how they develop over the course of a year if your a positive EV sports bettor.

Typically it is not a straight line up. What I seem to notice is you can go through a period of back and forth and then have a big breakout to the upside followed again by a period that is stagnant.

That seems to be the typical pattern. Remember that most professional sports bettors are happy to bring in 30 to 40 units a year.

And there is no guarantee that every year is going to be positive. Its like poker, variance can be very significant as to wether you have a winning year or not. The % edge is not that significant to elminate variance from the equation.

Now all this assumes your a positive EV player. If you not you will not have to worry about variance:)

Good Luck Today


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