What to do in the Markets? Overbought or ???

6:00 Update

The final game of the college hoop season is tonight with N.Carolina going up against Villanova. The betting is 61% on N.Carolina with the line moving from -2-110 to -2-102. Most books had the opener -2.5 which sets up a reverse line move on Villanova. Variables favor Villanova while models are neutral.  At 39% on Villanova and the Variables that favor Villanova some of the weakest that I have I am going to pass on the game. However if your handicapping leads you to Villanova you might use this with your own handicapping. For me I am passing on the game. Good Luck Tonight whichever side you go with!


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11:20 Update

We had two 1/2 unit plays in the NBA yesterday and they both lost. Neither were close! As I said it will be nice to have a change of pace starting MLB> Today is the first full day of the season and the last day to get in on the 130.00 guarantee. After today only the subscribers that are members today have a chance to qualify. So if your thinking about it now is the best time to join us for major league baseball. Just read over the fine print to get an idea what is involved. Is really pretty simple:)

Looking over the games today it looks like we will have a play or two depending how things look prior to game times. And for the first time I am not going to hammer on what is needed on your end to have a chance at a winning season. I am sure your all sick of hearing about it by now!

Presently it looks like an afternoon game and evening game. But its still early. These numbers should bounce around quite a bit as the liquidity will be a bit light early in the season.

And almost forgot. The final game of the season tonight between Villanov and N.Carolina. I will have more to say on that before game time.

Good Luck Today


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Well, we are in a tough spot to jump in on the long side. The market is overbought but not extreme. There are several other things I look at that are mixed. The Nasdaq  has for the first time this year leads the SP500 on a weekly basis. That for me is a major signal that the long side is the right side to be. But as is usually the case there are negatives.

1.The FedSpeak (right now always a negative)

2. Liquidity by the Fed is flat this week

3. Many reliable benchmarks are signaling a pullback.

But on the other hand:

  1. April is generally a good month
  2. Sentiment is expecting a pullback

So for me, its still short term trades with tight stops to the long side. And if the market takes off to the upside from here I will start looking for mean reversion trade shorts.

Also, we have a rare occurrence this week where I am surprised they have not put it out on Pay per View with

Yellen, Greenspan and Volcker  discussing monetary policy. It will be interesting to see what Yellen has to say when with some of her proteges!

I am barely in the market right now and have selectively taken short term trades that have worked out fine. I have virtually no downside risk right now and am planning on staying that way for now.

Also, MLB starts in earnest today. Let’s see if we get off to a fast start to the MLB season. It will be a nice change of pace after a tough March.

Back to work for me.

Good Luck Today


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