What's This??? Lightening strikes with a 2-0 day and +2.27 units for sports wagers!!!

What’s This??? Lightening strikes with a 2-0 day and +2.27 units for sports wagers!!!

We slowed down a bit on Monday with 2 one unit plays. However, they both won for a +2.27 Unit day.

In the NBA Brooklyn +13.5 covered 118-122 and in the NHL Boston +127 won 2-1 in OT. Yes, we finally won an OT:)

Today so far I have sent out no plays but there are a number of games that have potential.

An email to share:

“Hey Rick, do you see any value in a pool like this? ”

“Just a reminder to everyone that the Annual Bowl Pool starts Saturday with the 1st Bowl Game of the year so please keep getting all picks and money in so you don’t miss one of the best pools of the year without a doubt.”

My Response:

“Depends on what % of the pool they pay out. If its 100% yes”

So the first question you should ask when deciding to enter a pool or a contest is what does the person that is running it take off the top. For instance, the Westgate NFL Contest takes 8% now. This for me would be a deal killer except that it is a form of potential advertising for me. At least that is how I rationalized it this year:)

We have our first bowl games coming up in  a few days. If you want to join us for bowl games take a look at the drop-down menu and pick the subscription option of your choice. All have a 3-day free trial. Remember when you subscribe you get all plays in all sports for the subscription period!

I have put the finishing touches up on the site now. It’s taken awhile to get the bugs out with the new theme and have changed themes several times to get the right feel along with one that functions. WordPress is a real-time consumer if you do not get it right, to begin with.

If anyone has any suggestions of features or other ways to improve the site I would appreciate the insight.

There should be several plays tonight but except for the NHL most plays will come out shortly before game times. Things change very fast when you’re looking at a number of moving parts that need to come together to qualify for me to make a side a play.

Good Luck Today


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