Will this Friday rally stick?

3:00 Update

Thursday we went 1-2 on our college hoop plays and 2-1 on our college hoop setups. We won with Washington state and lost with Drexel and N. Texas St.

Today is a light schedule. But tomorrow is another 100 game day so I need to get started on that soon before the onslaught!

I have gotten quite a few thank you emails regarding making my investment portion of the site free. Your welcome:) I just could not devote the time and energy required right now as I do with the handicapping. I am a trader but to evaluate my trades and then make them and follow them is a job let alone making sure everyone is kept up to date. In handicapping I have all systems in place to make it much easier for me but investing is a bit different since dynamics change substantially in a short period of time.

But I still do not mind keeping people that are interested involved.

I am still working on methods of improving the site. I have received some suggestions and would welcome all. In particular getting the word out. I really am not up on the various techniques as what is now called “growth hacking” I do know the term…implementing it is rather new to me.

For those that might be interested in trying the plays out but do not want to spring for a monthly subscription right away I now have a 10.00 access charge for one day. Of course that would not be reasonable to pay that on any day but Saturday when there are 100 games. But it would give some the chance to get an idea how the plays work and whether the delivery method works for them.

I have added that to the paypal option. Let me suggest that if you do happen to pay the 10.00 and decide to subscribe the 10.00 can be taken as a credit towards the first months subscription as long as you subscribe the next day. I just do not want the book keeping that would go along with have that option open for more then 1 day.

Good Luck Tonight


The markets are gaping up 1.30% 45 min before the open. And it looks like this rally may hold today. The banks are showing some life after being destroyed since the first of the year. That is a major sign …at least to me. In addition the Nasdaq has been slowing creeping up to out performing the sp500 this week. Its still has a ways to go but its the first indicator that usually triggers after a down move like this.

But be aware its not an all clear ahead sign:) But its not bad! I will update after the market stabilizes this morning and let everyone know where we are on the this. I doubt it will trigger today and if not we will have to wait for next Friday to see. But it might be close.

The wonder this morning is what is precipitating this overnight move in the markets. Well the markets are about as oversold as they have been in a long time. That alone can do it. You do not need much news to begin a monster rally. The entire question will be as I have said a number of times before is the nature of the rally. The last few we have had (and its been a very few) have been one and done. So it will be interesting to see what happens here.

With the backdrop however of a hawkish federal reserve, oil prices at record levels, banks and countries relying on high oil prices and the general overall malaise in the world (including the U.S.) Its hard to imagine all of a sudden things are going to be bullish again.

The takeaway then is to not be overly enthusiastic today. Lets take it a day at a time for now. My approach is to take stratigic trades that will be either mean reversion or breakout trades and leave the position trades to another time. Right now I am long a mean reversion trade in the markets so this rally is welcome. I do not plan on sticking around very long however:)

Back to the markets. Good Luck Trading today

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