Westgate Supercontest sitting at 60% , NFL, College Football Season to date record, updated political odds

We are heading into Week 10 in the Westgate NFL Supercontest and I sit at 27-18 or 60%. This is after a 3-2 week last week.

In College football, I went 2-1 this weekend bringing my season to date record to 23-16-1 or 58.9%. I lost with Alabama and won with Appalacian st and Utah state.

In the NFL last week for plays I went 2-0 bringing my season to date record for plays to 10-7 or 58.8%.

In the all spread contest where you pick every NFL game against the spread each week, I sit at 80-56 or 58.8%. I am tied for 6th place in that contest. I won my first game with Oakland Thursday night for this week. I give all my picks against the spread to subscribers.

A pretty solid wagering season for Football:)

Also, College Hoops has started and my first two plays were winners.

My picks this week in the Westgate NFL Supercontest are:

Jets +2.5
Atlanta +10
Cinci +10
Carolina +5

The KC pick was simply based upon the line put out before the injury adjustment, the line is -6 now and has been as high as -6.5.

The Westgate top 5 went 0-4-1 last week bring its record to 21-23-1. It took a while but the are now below 500. This is more in line with what I would expect from them:)

The top 5 this week are:


I am with the top pick this week and am not fading any of the top 5:(

The bottom 5 this week are:


I am with one of the bottom 5 this week.

For those into political odds I have 1 wager going right now:

I cashed out of my Louisiana and Kentucky Governors races for a gain. I won the MS governors race wager.

I had also cashed out of the Netanyahu wager doubling my money in about 3 weeks.

The only wager I have left is whether Giuliani will be federally indicated by 12/31/20

I received 40/60 odds and the line now stands at 53/47 in favor of indictment. So, I have about a .07 cent gain or almost a 20% gain on the wager. I most likely will take the 20% when I can get it since the wager does not end for over a year.

It’s still a good wager, in my opinion, receiving 47/53 as I estimate the odds to be somewhere around 10 to 1 against. Barr’s DOJ is not going to indict Giuliani when they give Comey a pass on perjury and leaking. It is just not going to happen in my judgment. In addition, Giuliani has broken no laws. Now I know that is pretty much irrelevant these days but I thought I would throw that in:)

I have neither an ideology to burden me, nor do I rely upon or listen to the mainstream media. And for that matter there are few at Fox News I rely on either. I have a handful of investigative journalists that have the highest integrity, are truth-tellers, and have no political agenda. They are not easy to find, but I have a handful that gets everything right on the money.

I also rely on several constitutional law experts of the highest integrity, and last but not least my analytical skills. Now, saying that I do not win every wager I make:) But my win rate is very high on political wagers and most wagers for that matter.

It’s still not too late to join us as we are in the middle stages of the NFL and College football with college hoops just beginning. All subscriptions have a 3-day free trial. Just go to the PayPal drop-down menu on this site and choose the monthly option. Hope to see you join us!

Good Luck Today:)



Skype: riccja

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