Another 55+ games to handicap in college football for a Saturday morning!!!

Another 55+ games to handicap in college football for a Saturday morning!!!

4:00 Update

Another top 10 matchup tonight:

# 3 Louisville

# 5 Clemson

Betting is 53% on the road favorite with the line moving Clemson -3.5+101 to Louisville -1-110. That is quite a move for only having 53% of the betting on the team. Models slightly favor Clemson , variables slightly favors Clemson also. However the betting provides the only clue that most likely the “sharps” are on  Louisville tonight. Its not conclusive though. I see nothing that would lead me to bet either side. Not only that I cannot steer you away from either side. I am passing


12:00 Update

A very interesting game coming up soon:

Wake Forest

North Carolina State

Betting is 71% on the road dog and the line has moved from -9-110 to -14-109! I cannot recall a move of this nature against the betting. Typically this would indicate an injury but in looking over the injury report nothing shows up. Models favor Wake Forest as does variables. However public numbers to me indicate to stay away from Wake Forest. However if you are considering the Favorite at this point I think its much too late to get on board. A clear cut pass to me. But should be interesting to see how it ends up.

We also have a top 10 match up:

#6 Wisconsin

# 4 Michigan

Betting is 50/50 on the game with the line moving from -10.5 to -11.5. Models are neutral while variables are mixed.  Public betting is neutral. This game is about as clear as a pass as one could find today. No hints for either side.


Friday we had 2 one unit plays and went 1=1.

In MLB Minn +143 lost 3-7 while in College Football Toledo +3.5 won 53-55.

We also had 4 Big Move Games:

Pitt +174

Yankees -129

Minn +143

Phil +146

Closing lines:

Pitt +164

Yankees -154

Minn +141

Phil +152

Two went solidly our way while one slightly against us and the other about even. Another good day for line prediction. This honestly has gone far beyond my expectations for predicting line movements. However its gone on real time long enough that the method has some validity.

I know handicappers that would be a substantial amount of money to know with a high degree of certainty which way the line was going to move. But these are all included in your subscription!!! They are sent out usually between 4 and 5 A.M PST. If your a handicapper this gives you plenty of time to use these to fine tune your methods.

I cannot state enough how much value these Big Line Moves have for handicappers.

I am working on something similar for the other sports but so far MLB is the sport that my methods are highly predictive in.

Today so far I have sent out a one unit play along with 3 Big Line Moves.

Good Luck Today


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