What to do when conventional medicine fails

Now that I have a discord channel , I have added a number of channels that deal with topics other than sports betting and investing.

On of the most recent is the above topic. I wanted to post my first post to this channel in the hope that it will add some interesting discussion on this topic.

I have had so many friends accept whatever their Drs. tell them without a thought that I thought it would be a welcome avenue for discussion.
[2:33 AM] Let me start out by saying I am not a Dr. However, I have years of experience as a trial attorney with one of my specialties being medical negligence. I have tried to completion in front of a jury, areas ranging from orthopedic, chiropractic, OBGYN, and most other areas of medicine, both on the side of the Patient and the Physician or Hospital.
[2:35 AM] When I set foot in the courtroom usually I was the most knowledgeable on the issues as I had to be able to cross examine not only the Defendant, but their expert witnesses, who usually were well prepared. In addition the law firms they hired were some of the best in the business as they had deep pockets.
[2:37 AM] While I was with a small law firm , being the primary person to handle cases that could not be settled. It was my passion for almost 40 yrs. I lived for the courtroom battles. To me it was the game:)
[2:38 AM] So lets start things going with my first example of conventional medicine failing.

It is a common condition unfortunately, Pulmonary fibrosis. In todays medical environment, it is a death sentence. The treatments available are expensive, and all they do is attempt to slow the progression of the disease. Not only that most of the medications have a laundry list of rather severe side effects that have to be monitored closely.
[2:41 AM] So what is the problem? My question is this, how can a physician tell you that there is nothing left for them to do, and you have to accept your fate, when they do not know the etiology of the condition itself?
[2:43 AM] If they do not know what the cause of the condition that is killing you, how can they tell you to give up? They are giving up, make no mistake about it when they tell you that, but that does not mean you should. It means its time to figure it out on your own.
[2:43 AM] Not everyone has the mental acuity to do this. But that does not mean they cannot seek out others that do.
[2:45 AM] A good example, perhaps one of the best is Michael Milken, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. His prognosis was poor, but with Milken he is most likely one of the smartest people alive today as to the ability to reason and problem solve.
[2:45 AM] Remember it was Ted Turner who hired him to do the CNN deal even though he had just finished serving a prison term for his bond escapades.

Milken reasoned it through, came up with a protocol that included meditation, hormone therapy and other routines and beat it rather easily. If he would have taken the advice of his physicians and restricted himself to conventional thought, most likely he would have gone the way of many others who do not have the determination to think.
[2:49 AM] Typically people with pulmonary fibrosis, are older individuals, in my friends situation he is around 80. The onset was sudden and no one knew what triggered it. Nor did they spend a lot of time trying to figure out what triggered it.
[2:50 AM] They went right into the treatment phase which has a 0 probability of success in reversing the condition. Slowing it is the goal from day 1, which means suffocation is the end game for those afflicted with this disease.
[2:51 AM] But, as with most conditions, if you are lucky enough to find a physician that thinks out of the box, and is up on the current research as it relates to repurposed drugs, there are a plethora of options you have.
[2:53 AM] Of course none are proven to work 100%. As there is no money in researching repurposed drugs as they are cheap. Much cheaper than the drugs that are prescribed to slow the condition. As those tend to be rather new drugs where the cost is extremely high.
[2:53 AM] So naturally that is where the money is, slowing the condition rather than curing it.
[2:54 AM] But fortunately there are institutions that do studies on repurposed drugs on a variety of conditions, one of the being pulmonary fibrosis.

When I see a situation like this, one of the things I enjoy doing, is researching it myself. And usually I can find approaches while not proven, at the least provide a low risk alternative that can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It is not a pick or choose alternative.
[2:58 AM] The interesting thing about this is, when his physician was approached with some of the potential treatments, and given a few studies that supported the potential for working, the physician refused to prescribe them. Saying that the studies were not enough?
[2:59 AM] That is the time to get a new Dr. When they do not have the answer except wait and die, and you give them studies of a drug that might improve your lot, and they hem ha around and then blow you off, you move on. The last thing you need is a Dr. that has given up on you to that extent.

The prevailing and perhaps the only view in conventional medicine as to pulmonary fibrosis is that there is no treatment that will stop the progression of the disease, that it is irreversible, and there is little they can do but give expensive medication to attempt to slow the progression, while doing little to diminish the rather problematic side effects of not only the medication, but the effect the condition has on the person. From the ongoing inability to breath, to the never ending mucus that fills the lungs and has to be coughed or suctioned out, to the never ending coughing fits.
[3:05 AM] All because they do not have a clue what caused the disease itself. After all these years, they are no further along on this then they were before. As there is a lot of money in slowing the progression , but little in curing it.
[3:06 AM] I am not going to give medical advice here. But I will tell you as I told him, there are avenues he can take, that have shown some promise. Not only in stopping the progression of the fibrosis, but actually reversing it!
[3:07 AM] You will not find that talking to most physicians, as they also readily buy into whatever conventional medicine is selling. And it takes a lot of extra work to keep up on things. How easy it is to just accept conventional thought:)
[3:08 AM] But this is just one example of too many conditions that fall into this category.
[3:09 AM] Again my rule is, if you do not know the etiology of the disease, there is no way you can write someone off.
[3:10 AM] Am I missing something? I doubt it, as it is that simple. As once the etiology becomes known it becomes much easier to develop a treatment plan.

Do not let yourself fall into the trap of ruling out other venues of treatment when your physician cannot even tell you what causes your disease. A physician that gives up under those conditions, in my opinion should not be practicing medicine.
[3:14 AM] BTW, my friend has started one of the treatments I researched. But it took a long time to convince him that he had nothing to lose. Fortunately we had a mutual friend who is a Dr. who does think out of the box, and agreed with me on my assessment. This Dr. was one of the rare ones that had a wealth of knowledge from the years he practiced, and actually used his brain to come up with solutions that his peers could not even begin to come up with.
[3:18 AM] If you want to know what I consider the correct methodology, as to how brainstorm solutions medical and others, watch an older British EV series House, M. D. Not for the actual medical content, but the thought process used by Dr. House. It is chaotic, but gives you an idea of the opposite of the conventional medicine cookie cutter approach. While an entertaining series, it is instructive on one of the better techniques on how to critically think.

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